Chef in Palma de Mallorca, Michel Guzman

Michel Guzman

The Chef, passionate and talented, create a culinary experience Exceptional in Millo.

The Chef is a pasionate about Cuisine, born in Colombia and with a master´s degree in culinary trends and haute cuisine from the prestigious University of San Ignacio de Layola in Lima, Peru.

His passion for gastronomy has led him to travel through different countries and cities seekeing to enrich his knowledge of various culinary cultures.

During his career, he had the opportunity to work in `Leo´, a famous restaurant in Bogota, Colombia (Top 50 Best restaurantes in Latin America). This experience allowed him to develop his talent and skills in a high level culinary atmosphere.

Also, the chef realized various internships in famous restaurants in Europe with Michelin stars. In `Martin Berasategui´ and `Arzak´ in San Sebastian (3 Michelin Stars). He had the opportunity to work with Andreu Genestra (1 Michelin star) in Mallorca. Michel Guzman gained more experience working at the restaurant `Richard Marco´ (1 Michelin star) now closed, in Cahors, France. This opportunity allowed him to immerse himself in French Cuisine and explore new techniques and flavors.

In 2016, he decided to join a talented profesional, Loic Villepontoux, to create his own gastronomic concept. Together, they combined the best of Latin and European cuisine, fusing flavors and techniques to make life at the Millo culinary experience.

With his extensive background and knowledge of various culinary cultures, the chef has created a unique and captivating gastronomic concept in Millo. His passion for cooking and his pursuit of excellence are reflected in every dish he creates, providing diners with an excpetional culinary experience.

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Cll. Caro 30, 07013 Palma
Mallorca, Illes Balears


Monday to Saturday
7:30pm to 11:00pm

Sunday closed

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