Delight yourself with our menu full of exotic and authentic
Latin American flavours.

Millo Cocina Latina

Mezcal caipirinha,
watermelon, ants salt

12,00 €

Avocado Mezcalina, green
lemon, coriander, agave
honey, black salt

13,00 €

Tamarind, Pisco,
Tree chile

11,00 €

Quinoa Pisco sour,

13,00 €

Ginger Margarita.

12,00 €

The best way to enjoy our
gastronomy is by sharing it.

Crispy arepa of Galician
beef tenderloin tartar.

Corn, ember oil and aji amarillo chilli.

20,00 €

Fresh melon and local
pumpkin salad

Cream of pumpkin seeds, chayote
and pickled mustard seeds.

15,00 €

Roasted cauliflower

Mallorcan Almonds mole (chocolate,
chili, spices) and walnut oil.

14,00 €

Skipjack Mahi-mahi aguachile
(Mexican Ceviche)

Cucumber ,coriander,
huacatay, seasonal citrus

18,00 €

Exotic ceviche
of snaper

Amazonic black sauce extract, chili charapita ,
banano, coriander, platain chips, cocoa juice granita

20,00 €

Scallops tiradito

Fermented cane sugar honey , chontaduro pure
(Amazonic fruit), colombian ants.

16,00 €


Duck in amazonica sauce

Duck magret, tucupi sauce, smoked
pineapple cream, Okra

18,00 €

Cocoa bean

Andean Chimichurri

Colombian porch potatoes, mallorcan olives and venezulean guasacaca.

24,00 €

Stuffed Mallorcan Pepper
with iberian pork confit (2 un)

Chilorio (Stew from Sinaloa, Mexique with pork and chili), burnt green tomato sauce, corn tortillas

19,00 €

Cod Totomoxtle cooked
in corn leaves

Marinade of soft chili sauce,
creamy barley with rosemary

26,00 €

Suckling goat barbacoa coocked at low temperature in banano leaves

Sauce “borracha”, corn tortillas
(3 un), pickled vegetables


25,00 €

Smocked hake “Burela”
loin-avocado and wasabi

Green chili, green tomato, chayote
salad and fresh Mediterranean herbs.

26,00 €

Sirloin grilled
galician beef

Guatemalan “chirmol chapin”
sauce, coconut rice with raisin.

33,00 €

*Bread, chontaduro butter and fermented cane honey.

*Coconut rice and raisin
4.00 €

*Corn tortilla
1.00€ two units.

Millor Restaurant, Desserts

Colombian oat

Creamy Ecuadorian chocolate 75%, oat streusel,
passion fruit, roasted cocoa beans.

8,00 €

Macadamia Nut
cake (Vegan)

Coconut mousse, grilled
pineapple glazed in its juice.

8,00 €

Yellow corn

Ice cream of rum and raisin,
red fruits.

8,00 €

Meet the menu of Millo Restaurant, do not resist the temptation and let yourself be delighted by the delicious dishes we have to offer.
You can make your reservation on our contact page.

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